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Curve Card Student Discount Code

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Curve is all about making your life easier when managing your finances giving your more time to focus on what's important in life, experiences. Curve assembles all of your cards into one with its rather clever app, which allows you to make payments all under one card, amazing!

Curve Cash Card

Curve has some neat tricks under its sleeve. First, Curve connects all your cards into a wallet with a card. From the Curve app you can control which card your Curve becomes, see all your spend from all your accounts, get real time notifications when spending, and the ability to lock the Curve card straight from the app. Then the magic begins. Curve eliminates all your bank cards currency fees, and make all your cards zero currency conversion fees.

When you go abroad you don't need to worry about bringing a specific travel card that needs to be topped up, you can spend directly via Curve and focus more on having a good time abroad. And if you have changed your mind and have wished you would use another card, Curve allows you to Go Back In Time and change the card you used.

Oh yeah, and there are also rewards. With Curve you continue to earn the rewards on your everyday credit or debit cards, plus an additional 1% instant cashback on a selection of your favourite retailers, loaded instantly into your Curve cash card. You can choose from a list including Amazon, Uber, Apple, Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, Sainsburys, Deliveroo, TFL and many more!