Back to School deals

Back to School deals

Back to School promotion

Start the new school year wisely and save money! We have collected all the Back to School offers for the next school year 2019-2020 for you. You can profit from the best deals until the end of September.

Start the new school year with a discount

The time that Back to School promotions were limited to only wrapping paper, diaries and pen cases, are definitely over. Electronic devices such as laptops and tablets, software, but also school bags and even sneakers: that’s what it’s all about now! Literally EVERYTHING you need for the new school year can be purchased with nice discounts until the end of September.
Just an example: a free Beats headphone when buying a Mac or iPad? Pretty interesting if you were already planning to buy new headphones… A great Apple Back to School promotion. Studying in style! And that is just one of many examples.

Save on school supplies

The average student spends a lot of money per month on groceries, going out and hobbies. That’s all part of life of course ;). But a major part of the money is also is spent on school supplies. Because it’s something you really need. Of course, you will benefit a lot from studying, but the costs are pretty high. Therefore, it’s well worth it to keep an eye out for the Back to School promotions at the beginning of the school year. If you are clever, you can easily save at least 10% on all your purchases. Often, this percentage is even higher.

Promotions run until the end of September

How can you know at the start of the new school year or a new course, what exactly you need? The answer: you only know by and large. There’s always something unexpected that might be added to the list. And we know that. That is why the promotions run until the end of September. This way, you will also have the chance to search for the best offers during the first weeks of the school year. So… no rush when you’re going back to school!

Selection of Back to School promotions

Where at school you learn everything about a specific subject, we can tell you everything about the Land of Discount and collect the very best deals for you. It is our job to get you the very best deals. To put it more strongly: it is our mission to get you as many perks as possible. It gives us a real kick. Oh, and if you’re also looking for other stuff: we not only have school supplies, but just about anything you need, so no matter what, you will definitely find something you might need. But let’s first focus on the stuff you REALLY need for school. With the money that you save with the Back to School discounts, you will have more to spend on, for example, those cool sneakers or that funky dress. Good luck saving!