Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals

Black Friday 2022 offers UK

Originally Black Friday started in America, but this huge shopping event Black Friday is now also in the United Kingdom. Not surprising considering that webshops offer up to 70% discount. These Deals are in many cases valid until Cyber Monday.

Black Friday 2022 deals

Everyone is familiar with the black Friday madness in the United States. Running Americans who want to be the first in the store on Black Friday to grab the best deal. Chaos... Well, in the UK, the Black Friday madness is also happening year after year. Especially online. The great thing about the online Black Friday deals is that you can easily compare and benefit from them, but you don't have to experience the total chaos at all. Just order at ease from your student room, lecture hall, or maybe even from the pub.

Huge discounts... Black Friday Sale is now a tradition in the UK too

Black Friday is originally an American tradition. The Friday after Thanksgiving many Americans don't have to work and they start buying Christmas gifts on a large scale. Of course, retailers respond to this situation by offering discounts that customers cannot refuse. Due to this, many consumers also go bargain hunting. The American 'bargain day' has blown over to the UK. More and more retailers and, of course, webshops are lowering their prices significantly around Black Friday. For example the AO Black Friday offers are very popular, but also those of Currys PC World, Amazon and of course the Black Friday deals from Apple.

Black Friday Sale until Cyber Monday deals

Many of the Black Friday offers are not only valid on Black Friday itself, but are valid for a longer period of time. Especially the Monday after Black Friday is an important day. Cyber Monday, are you familiar with Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday has been the online answer to Black Friday in recent years. Webshops were the first to start Cyber Monday and we are still seeing this in the UK. As a result, you can still enjoy great deals after Black Friday. And that's great because student life is expensive enough as it is.

Commercial example: AO Black Friday promo

FAQ - Frequently asked questions:

When is Black Friday in 2022?

Black Friday is always the last Friday of November (the Friday after Thanksgiving). This year, Black Friday will be on Friday 25th November 2022. Mark this day for a few years in your agenda! It would be very unfortunate if you missed the Black Friday offers.

Are Black Friday deals worth waiting for?

Yes, certainly wait for the Black Friday offers! We can assure you that many Black Friday deals are worth it, especially the online discounts. It is a rule of thumb that the Black Friday period is an excellent time to buy new products at a reduced price. Cyber Monday is a good day for tech deals and smaller items.

Is Black Friday only one day?

No, we know from experience that Black Friday deals often start earlier. Deals sometimes come online as early as the Monday before Black Friday and in some cases last until the weekend. The offers and the level of discount may vary significantly from day to day. In general, we can say that offers towards Fridays are becoming more and more competitive.

How much discount can you get on Black Friday?

How much discount you get depends strongly from one shop to another and from day to day. In recent years we have seen that the products started with a 20% discount at the beginning of the Black Friday period and eventually reached a 70% discount on the day itself. Waiting can certainly pay off, but products may, of course, sell out in the meantime.