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HP Student Discount Store

Official website: www.hp.com/uk/student-discount/
Yes! You can get discount on a HP student laptop here. HP is a modern and innovative technology company with beautiful products that are also affordable for students. Thanks to the special HP student discount that you can claim at the HP Student Store, you'll pay up to 30% less for, for example, a HP Pavilion laptop. Scoring discounts has never been easier. All you need is your student email address. Easy!

HP Student Store

Through the HP Student Store, HP is enabling students to get to know their products, with great discounts. And of course this is something we firmly believe in! If there is a good deal to be had, you'll find out about it here. This is the case with the HP Student Store, where you'll pay up to 30% less on your new laptop. All with the exact same warranty conditions and in most cases: if ordered before 7:30 PM, it'll be delivered the following day at your address. All you have to do is register with your student email address so HP can verify that you are in fact a student. OK, minimal effort, maximum benefit. An extra tip: you can change your email address once you have registered with the HP Student Store. For example if you have (almost) finished your studies. This way you can keep up to date with new deals and you won't miss out on anything.

Score HP student discount

You might be wondering why HP offers this discount to students. The answer is simple: they are happy to show you what beautiful HP products they have to offer. By giving students a discount, they hope that you choose HP first. Smart for HP, but also smart for you, because why would you pass up on the opportunity to score a discount. You are not binded by any contracts, you can benefit from amazing deals and you don't even need to leave the house to do it.

HP Pavilion laptop series

One of our favourite laptops for students is the HP Pavilion series of laptops. A beautiful design, loads of different options and all at a great price, it is the safe choice. The HP Student Store also offers great discounts on these types of laptops. The HP Pavilion series is highly suited to students, as it includes word processing, internet and email. And luckily for you there is more. Sometimes you have to make time to relax during your busy student life. Watching a movie for example, or your favourite TV show ... The good news is: it's all possible. Thanks to all the different possibilities and options available you will always find a HP laptop that suits you. No matter what you're studying or what you do in your spare time.

The advantage of HP student discount

What's the biggest advantage of the HP student discount? Of course, the price ... but that's not all. You can now go for a model that is more powerful and lasts longer! We know better than anyone that buying a laptop takes a big chunk out of a student's budget. Except, there's (almost) no way around it: you need a laptop.

This fantastic deal allows you to buy a laptop with, for example, a slightly faster processor, more storage capacity and other benefits. Normally this laptop might be just a little too pricey, but with the discount your dream model suddenly becomes attainable. This means that you can complete your entire study with just the one laptop. That helps a lot. Buying a slightly more expensive laptop once is always better than twice. Let alone the frustration of not being able to work fast enough. So: choose the laptop that suits you, claim that discount and cruise through your studies without needing to stress about your laptop.