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Cookie statement

In the context of the implementation of our services, Studentdiscount.co.uk uses cookies. We place cookies in accordance with Dutch laws and regulations. Third parties may also leave cookies behind when you visit the Studentdiscount.co.uk website. In this cookie statement, we explain what cookies are and how we use them.

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer, mobile phone or tablet when you visit a website. When you access our website, we will place permitted cookies, and you will also be shown a cookie banner that informs you about the cookies placed and similar techniques. After permission has been granted, we will place further cookies for which permission has been obtained. In addition to cookies, web beacons are also placed when you visit Studentdiscount.co.uk. These are small graphic images on a web page that are hidden from the user. We also use JavaScript. This is a program language that is placed on the equipment used and is executed from there.

An important fact to know is:
Cookies can never be used to intercept private data as passwords from your computer. Also, a cookie can in no case be used to place a virus or trojan on your computer. Almost every website in the world uses cookies.
As soon as you decide to continue your visit to the website or by clicking on the 'agree' button you agree to the placing of cookies on the device you are using. This consent is valid for a period of one (1) year, or until you delete all cookies placed. When you delete the cookies you have placed, you will have to give your consent again to the placing of cookies when you visit the website again.
Cookies are used to remember your preferences and the information you share. This is partly to increase the user-friendliness of the website. This way you do not have to enter your data over and over again, we remember which brands you find interesting and you only see relevant advertisements. Furthermore, we keep certain data for statistical purposes. For example, we know how you ended up on our site (directly or via another website), which brands are searched for the most and which brands are clicked the most. We use Google Analytics, among other things. Cookies are also used to show you advertisements when you visit other websites. These may come from Studentdiscount.co.uk or from third parties. For this purpose, cookies remember, for example, which brands you have searched for on our site. Web beacons measure visit and use of the web page on which they are placed. JavaScripts make that Studentdiscount.co.uk can determine where you are on the website and what actions you perform. This way we get better insight into the use of our site, your behavior as a visitor and we can further optimize our website. We can also use the information obtained to place advertisements that suit your interests.
There are different categories of cookies used by Studentdiscount.co.uk. The law also makes a distinction in this respect. Below is a brief explanation.

Analytical cookies
These cookies enable the partially anonymised tracking of the user behaviour of visitors to the website. On the basis of this, analyses are made that ultimately contribute to the website's compliance with the wishes of the users. The impact of these cookies on the privacy of the user is so small that no consent is required. These cookies are also placed and processed by third parties for the benefit of Studentdiscount.co.uk.

Functional cookies
These cookies ensure that the website works as it should and that certain information or preferences do not have to be entered again each time you visit the site. These cookies also have a minor impact on the privacy of users, so no prior consent is required.

Tracking cookies
Tracking cookies are used to track the surfing behaviour of users of the website. The data is used, among other things, to make analyses for the improvement and optimisation of the website. The information collected by Studentdiscount.co.uk and third parties is also used to place advertisements. By using the website as indicated in the notification, the user agrees to the placement of these cookies.

Social Media cookies
From various social media websites you can use buttons on our website. To do so, we use cookies from these social media websites. For use of these cookies and the information obtained by the social media websites Studentdiscount.co.uk refers to the cookie statements of these parties. By using the website of Studentdiscount.co.uk as indicated in the cookie report, the user agrees to the placement of these cookies.

Profiling cookies
In order to display advertisements that are relevant to users of the website, Studentdiscount.co.uk and third parties place cookies that collect information on the basis of the user's prior visits to various websites. By using the Studentdiscount.co.uk website as indicated in the cookie report, the user agrees to the placement of these cookies.

Affiliate cookies
These cookies provide information about the effectiveness of a displayed ad; the cookie records whether a conversion is made in response to a displayed ad. Based on this information, the advertiser of the advertisement in question can be rewarded. The impact of these cookies on the privacy of the user is so small that no consent is required.

Due to the operation of the Internet, Studentdiscount.co.uk cannot always control which cookies are placed by third parties via our website. This means that the list of cookies we use is not always up to date or that cookies are placed for purposes other than those described above. Should this be the case and should you notice that, we would appreciate it if you would inform us.
If you disable cookies, certain functional cookies are still placed to prevent the use of the website and Studentdiscount.co.uk from being possible. You will also have to enter your settings again and again. You will also still see advertisements, but these are no longer set to your surfing behaviour. Instructions for adjusting the settings of your browser to adjust the use of cookies and to delete existing cookies from your computer can be found in the toolbar of the web browser you are using.
Studentdiscount.co.uk is not responsible for what a third party does with the information they retrieve with a cookie they place with you when visiting our site. Studentdiscount.co.uk can only recommend you to view the cookie statement of this party and if you cannot or do not want to agree to block the cookies of this party.
As far as Studentdiscount.co.uk collects your personal data by using cookies, our privacy statement applies. Studentdiscount.co.uk advises you to read this carefully.
In order to be able to process developments in laws and regulations or in the services of Studentdiscount.co.uk, Studentdiscount.co.uk reserves the right to amend the content of this Cookie Statement. Studentdiscount.co.uk therefore advises you to consult this regularly.